San Martino Wine

Spumante Rosè 1° Secolo Extra Dry Millesimato

For all kinds of meals, excellent as aperitif, thanks to its balance between the sour and sweet notes. Ideal with appetizers or delicate first courses, vegetables, fish or white meats. It goes well with raw fish and at the end of the meal is a great dessert wine.
Serving temperature: 6-7 C °

  • Grape variety: Glera and Merlot of the same year
  • Area of production: Veneto
  • Harvest: september - october
  • Yield per hectar: 180
  • Vinification: Soft crushing and pressing. Spumantizzazione obtained with the Charmat method in steel tanks at a controlled temperature, with selected yeasts at the initial temperature of 20 ° C., progressively lowering it until 17 ° to reach the conclusion. Cold stabilization for at least 20 days. On its own bed of ferments to get its aromaticity.
  • Alcohol content: 12 % vol.
  • Total acidity: 5,2%
  • Residual sugar: 17 g/l


bright rosé with violet reflections


fresh and elegant, fruity, aromatic


very pleasant, with delicate notes of apple, peach and raspberry